9th Grade – Stephanie Response

Melissa and Heather stood next to Stephanie while Frederick faced her. His friends were at his side. He looked so scared. He didn’t look ugly but he wasn’t handsome, not like Michael. He definitely wasn’t confident.

Can I be seen with the nerdy crew of the school?  He can’t even talk to me. What is everyone going to think of me in this new school? Oh my, a bracelet. Just smile. Oh no. He wants to put it on me.

Stephanie looked at Melissa and then at Heather then back to Frederick. Melissa nudged my arm. His hands shook so bad he couldn’t fasten the latch. She waited.

Can this be happening to me right now? I can’t be a girlfriend to a nerd who can’t even talk to me or put something on me. Oh my, I can’t keep this. Remember the 5th grade. My mom will kill me.

She held up her wrist to inspect the metal that he finally fastened to her arm. It looked expensive.

If mom takes it, he will never get it back. The thing is heavy on my arm.

It’s a thick chain with a smooth surface except for the engraved part of his name.

It’s too big, I may lose it. I can’t keep it.

She slid it off her wrist and watched his face. He looked even more scared. He knew.

“I’m sorry, I can’t keep this.”

It hurt her heart as she looked into his eyes. She almost heard his heart break.

I can’t stay here in this hall way. I have to leave. I can’t stand to see that hurt. I have to protect my reputation. I can’t go out with a nerd. I won’t.

She turned and ran down the hallway.

To Be Continued… Follow Stephanie the next day.

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