Lost Love

Stephanie took a new job in a new city, but her past came back to haunt her.

Frederick adored Stephanie since high school. A self-made man who made billions on his game engine. Now that they found each other again, he will do anything to keep Stephanie in his life. Even if, that means he has to kill a man.

Shane had Stephanie first in high school. His parents sent him away. He never stopped loving Stephanie, but he can’t find her. A tragedy made her walk into his life.

Two strong men fight over Stephanie. Will she survive with her strength and heart intact?

Learn more about the characters in the series. Get insights about their personality, thoughts, and fears. Follow your favorite characters in their day to day lives as it relates to each story and more. Don’t forget to leave your feedback. The author wants hear from you. Did the story touch you? Can you relate to one of the characters? Do you think any of them should respond differently?

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