Inspiration for the Wedding

We all have our ideas for a wedding. Its not hard. I was married in a church. The characters in this book wouldn’t have had a wedding like I had. So, I had to do some research. I have no idea whose photos these are so I can’t give credit. This is the image I used to describe the scene since I don’t have my own with a decorated staircase.

In the book, people move about the house. I have never lived in San Francisco. I lived in Bakersfield. I had to make the idea in my head actually match reality. A house wedding in SF will look vastly different than in any other town. I discovered there is very little land and houses are practically stacked on top of each other. The cost of housing is insanely high.  So, what did google show me? The floor plan below. But, this property is unlike anything I have ever seen. It’s connected to two other houses. I only mention one other in the book.

The ceremony takes place in the dinning room which is the second box on the top left.  Here is the actual photo taken  from a realtor listing. I don’t describe this room in the book. I just needed inspiration. In my mind, I can see this room with two section of chairs from the photo above and material flowing down from ceiling to floor – just elegant.

Of course the kitchen had to be large enough for everyone to gather when… opps no spoilers.

The listing for this property had so many wonderful photos. I really hope whoever buys it is completely satisfied with the place and the view.

And of course, the garden path.

But, no spoilers about what happens in the garden! Be sure to join the mailing list for updates on book releases and new posts about the characters.

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