Welcome Readers

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. This site is dedicated to all my fans who want more after the story is done. So dive right in, pull back the veil, fall in love with the characters or find reasons to hate them.
Please be sure to leave feedback. I will be starting a new project soon so be on the lookout for those details.

New Project Alert:
Calling all veterans who want to contribute. 180 Days in the Dessert is the title of this new book. Depending on the response, it may be a series. Right now I plan for it to be stand-alone.  It will have the usual steamy scenes, but unlike the other series, this one will have battle action. It will be complete fiction based on bits from soldiers’ experiences. The location will be real, but the events that occur will be fiction or taken out of real-life context. I’m doing this to protect either the soldiers or military secrets. PTSD is real. The injuries are more than physical. I want to bring awareness to this and support those that can’t easily go back to the life they had before serving. Use this form to share your bits.