9th Grade – Day 2

“Hey, Is this seat taken?” Michael asked.

“No,” Stephanie said.

OMG. He’s here. Don’t panic, stay calm. Eat slow. Watch your manners. OMG!! The same guy who picked on me.

“So, this is your first year here?” Michael asked.


Stephanie only saw Michael in the stark white cafeteria. Everything else disappeared.

“Where did you live before?”

“The City,” she said.

“AAW. It must be nice. I don’t get uptown much.” Michael said.

She must have made a face at him. He’s laughed.

“Uptown? That is the silliest word I have ever heard.”

Michael laughed harder and louder.

“I like you. You’re cute. Can I walk you to class?”

He said after he stopped laughing.

My heart nearly stopped.


After school…

Stephanie flopped down on her bed remembering the touch on her hand from Michael when he handed her books back at the classroom door. She replayed the entire day’s event in her head.

What is it about him? A little bit rebel, a little bit nice guy.

He said some of the most heartwarming things as we walked the hallway, but the leather jacket made him look so fine. Who knew he would turn out to be nice and charming?

To Be Continued… Follow Stephanie months later

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